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Scooter Sewer Inspection Camera Systems

A complete video inspection systemScooter manufactures a full line of sewer cameras including black & white, color, and minis for 2″ and larger pipes that provide the clearest and sharpest pictures in the industry!

All of our sewer cameras use our proprietary diffuser lighting technology with the brightest LED’s plus automatic iris control!

Our compact and lightweight Coilers with slip ring feature the toughest plastics for long life and durability and our pushrods 100’ to 200’ utilize a polyethylene jacket and are easy to push the long runs due to their excellent lubricity!

Since 1992, Scooter has provided the highest quality video sewer inspection cameras and equipment to the industry at the lowest prices!

Scooter sez, “Why pay more!?”

Scooter Video Inspection Systems - The new Scooter Attaché 1+ now includes a giant 15-inch LED hi-def color monitor.