Attaché Monitors For All Of Our Sewer Inspection Camera Systems

Choose any of the Attaché family of monitors to customize your own personal Scooter video sewer camera system!

Attaché I Plus drain inspection camera systemThe Attaché DVD is our deluxe monitor/recorder and features a 15” HD LED color monitor, voice-over microphone and preamplifier, a DVR/SD card recorder with voice over installed, including an almost indestructible high quality Pelican case!

Attaché I drain inspection camera systemThe Attaché 1 is our basic model and features a 15” color monitor and is furnished as standard equipment with all of our sewer camera systems! Comes with power cord and a coil cord interface to the coiler!

Attaché I Plus drain inspection camera systemBoth the Attaché 1 and the Attaché 1 Plus have a hinged floor providing secure storage for mic, cords etc.!

All of our Attaché monitors are compatible with our prior models of pipe inspection equipment, so it’s easy to upgrade to the latest technology! They are also compatible with many other brands of video inspection camera equipment, when used with one of our custom adapters!

drain inspection skidsAll Scooter equipment carries a one year limited warranty and is rated to operate in temperatures of 0° F to 100° F, and includes skids for 4” and 6” pipes!