Color Sewer Camera Systems for Drain and Pipe Inspection

complete pipeline inspection sewer camera systemOur revolutionary new Mongoose video sewer camera is truly state of the art in the field of pipe inspection. It has the finest optics and electronics available as well as our own exclusive (developed here) diffuser lighthead technology! The whole front of the video sewer inspection camera is now an illuminator providing the ultimate in light distribution and the sharpest, clearest picture in the industry! The drain camera’s stainless steel housing (1.500" dia., 2.00” long) is seamless (won’t drown), super tough urethane with all components anti-shock mounted (takes a beating) for superior impact resistance. The FLEXRITE Gooseneck makes inspecting pipeline ell’s easy and is sealed inside so it won’t get full of stinky stuff or turn around in the pipe like springs do! If you also do locating, we can include our 512Hz pipeline locator transmitter right inside the sewer camera for you! No batteries required!

Color Sewer Camera

standard color sewer cameraOur new color Mongoose Sewer Camera breaks all of the rules! This pipe inspection camera is so sensitive (.8 LUX), we no longer need hot white lights! We developed solid state lighting that won't die from shock and banging around inside a pipe like filament bulbs do!

Of course, we also use our diffuser technology with this lighting to project the light onto the pipe walls so you get the very best picture in the industry! The color sewer camera is 1.500” in diameter and is intended for use in 3” and larger pipes.

Attaché 1 pipe camera systemIncludes the Attaché 1 which features a 15” color monitor and is furnished as standard equipment with all of our sewer inspection camera systems! Comes with power cord and a coil cord interface to the coiler!

You might also consider the Attaché DVD pipe inspection camera system as an upgrade option.

Coiler and Pushrod

Coiler and Pushrod are the same tough, compact and lightweight components that have become the standard of the industry. Our mercury slip ring allows the coiler drum to turn like a lazy susan so the pushrod feeds out and back in easily! Our poly and fiberglass pushrod is extremely tough and has a very long life expectancy!

Anti-Skid Leg Attachment Kit for all Scooter Coilers

The legs just clip on, need no glue or screws. Offered as a set of 4 for $39.95.

Anti-Skid Leg Attachment Kit for all Scooter CoilersAnti-Skid Leg Attachment Kit for all Scooter CoilersAnti-Skid Leg Attachment Kit for all Scooter Coilers