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Prototek LF 2000 locator receiver with case

Prototek LF2000Powerful, easy-to-use and dead-on accurate. Did we mention economical, too?

The LF2000 gives you all the information you need, without confusing distractions, through the toughest cast iron or non-metallic locating jobs using any 512 hz transmitter.

Prototek LF2000 screensThe LF2000 screens guide you through every step of precise, accurate locating. All the actions are controlled with a thumb-operated 4-way rocker switch.

Prototek FR-1 “Ferris” locator receiver with case

Prototek FR-1The Prototek FR-1 “Ferris” analog receiver is great for septic tank locating with cast iron or non-metallic lines and tanks, using any 512 hz transmitter.

  • The antenna rod picks up the signal from the transmitter. It also points you in the direction of the line.
  • The meter indicates the strength of the peak signal (to the right) as well as the null signal (to the left).
  • The sensitivity knob allows you to precisely control the receiver's response to the signal and acts as a volume control and on-off switch.
  • The battery test button (red button on handle) takes the guesswork out of battery strength.
  • The near/far switch is used in the "far" position when starting the locate, then switched to "near" when the signal gets stronger.
  • In addition to watching the signal on the meter, you can hear it through the speaker or optional headphones.
  • Runs on 6 AA Alkaline batteries.