Mini Sewer Camera System for Video Pipe Inspection

A complete video drain inspection systemOur new Mini Mongoose Sewer Camera System is designed for those hard to get spots! We weighed the merits of making this drain camera even smaller, (which we could do), but the penalty would have been no locator transmitter option and less lights!! The pipe inspection system includes our one-year limited warranty and is rated to operate in temperatures from 0° F to +100° F.

The push cable is 100’ long and polypropelene jacketed for long life. It is flexible enough to go through a P trap, but rigid enough to push the full 100’! A coiler drum is also provided for storage of cable and drain camera!

The Mini Sewer Camera

Mini drain cameraThe Mini sewer camera is high-resolution, has 18 high-intensity LED's mounted in our diffuser lighthead, and has a sapphire lens window. The video inspection camera housing is seamless urethane, just like the rest of our sewer cameras! This video inspection camera is so small (1.160 dia.) it will negotiate tight ell's and P traps in 2” pipes, plus 1 1/2” sanitary ell's and straights!

Attaché 1 pipe inspection camera systemThe Attaché 1 is our basic pipe inspection camera system model and features a 15” monitor and is furnished as standard equipment with all of our pipe inspection camera systems! Comes with power cord and a coil cord interface to the coiler!

You might also consider the Attaché DVD pipe inspection camera system as an upgrade option.